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Redirect After Comment Per Page WordPress plugin

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The « Redirect After Comment Per Page » plugin will redirect automatically the commenter to a specific page (on the same wordpress) after they validate a comment on your blog. Each page can have a different redirection.

How to use :

– In admin panel, look in the section « Settings / Redirect After Comment » and enable plugin

– When you edit a page, just fill the redirect URL below the page content textarea

Why would you use that plugin ?

  • To offer a specific gift when they put a comment (during a product launch for example)
  • To forward to a survey
  • To call to action


Please follow the following steps before asking for help :

  • check that the plugin is active in the Extensions page (disable and reenable can also be a good idea)
  • check that the redirection is enabled in the general settigns (Settings / Redirect After Comment)
  • check that the redirection URL works (in a different tab)
  • remove the plugin and reinstall it (save your redirect urls first as I think you will lose these settings in that process)

Make sure your URL is on the same wordpress instance (if you try with http://www.google.com for example, you’ll land on wordpress admin).

You like this plugin ?

You can :
– Rate this plugin on wordpress plugin website  (it’s good for my ego)
– donate a few bucks if you use this plugin for a product launch (and make loads of $ 🙂 ) :



To download, please check : http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/redirect-after-comment-per-page/


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